What Is Construction Management at Risk?

August 8, 2023

During construction, various internal and external risks threaten the successful execution of a project. Therefore, there is a need to manage these risks to avoid potential losses. There are many project delivery methods to manage these risks, and construction management at risk (CMAR) is one of them. CMAR was created to address these issues and is popularly used to streamline the execution of projects within accurate cost estimates. What is construction management at risk? Learn about the CMAR delivery method offered by Trehel for commercial construction.


The Construction Management at Risk Process

This is a project delivery method whereby the construction manager commits to deliver the project within a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). In this project delivery method, the manager acts as an advocate and representative for the owner during every step of the construction process. CMAR process involves the following:

The hiring of the construction manager: The manager is hired by the project owner to oversee the feasibility and constructability of the project. Choosing a capable construction manager will reduce the risks associated with cost overruns.


Benefits of CMAR

CMAR has several benefits, including:

1. Improved cost control

With this technique, the construction manager can provide estimates of the project cost, including the cost of labor and materials. In addition, the project can only advance to the next stage when the cost estimates match the budget. Therefore, project costs are kept under control, and if the project cost is exceeded, the CMAR bears those costs.

2. Effective communication

The construction manager is the common point of contact who facilitates communication with the project stakeholders. This gives a clear hierarchy to the project. With this method, project phases are tightly integrated, which reduces conflicts. In addition, there is increased collaboration between the design team and the contractors.

3. Reduced overall risk for project owners

In this type of project delivery, most risks are shifted to the contractor. The GMP documents all the standards and regulations associated with the project, assuring the owner that the risks associated with the project are contained.


Why choose the Construction Manager at Risk Project delivery method?

As a project owner, you might not have adequate experience understanding construction drawings and design specifications. In such a case, hiring a construction company that offers CMAR services, like Trehel, is advisable. Most of the project-related decisions requiring technical knowledge will be left to the professional to handle. In addition, you get an immediate estimation of the project’s total cost. We draft a GMP contract that reassures you when the project will be completed and at what cost. Our CMAR professionals also manage the project with your best interests at heart.


Streamline your next construction project with Trehel 

If you are searching for a skilled construction manager, Trehel is your go-to firm. Trehel offers preconstruction and construction services to schools, municipalities, commercial businesses, faith-based institutions, healthcare, and non-profit organizations in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Contact us today to learn about our CMAR services. 

Image Source: Bluedog Studio / Shutterstock