At Trehel Corporation, our culture is not simply based on stating Values and a Purpose in our marketing materials. Rather it is about living our values in all that we do. To that end, we have developed our Values in Action. This framework was developed by our team, with every single team member having the opportunity to add insight into what our Values and Purpose look like in their individual roles. Having this level of clarity helps employees know what is expected of them and what they should expect from their team.

Understanding who we are and how we behave is also incredibly valuable in recruiting and selecting new team members. This process is led by employees that participate in the recruiting and interviewing process to evaluate not only capabilities but also to assess cultural fit.

As a team, we work together to achieve a common goal of caring for others. The fun part for our team is that we get to accomplish this by doing what we love; helping clients build their dreams.

Our Purpose

Why do we exist?
Trehel Corporation exists to honor God by caring for people.

How do we behave?
In order to honor God by caring for people, we have established Values in Action, developed by our team members that will control our team’s behavior, provide direction for decisions, and be reflected in our actions.

What we do?
We redefine preconstruction and construction services for our commercial building clients.

Our Values Are:

Creative grit:
We solve problems.

We manage the resources entrusted to us.

We strive for innovation and excellence.

Did you know?

Trehel has been recognized by our team members as one of the “Best Places to Work in South Carolina” for eight consecutive years (2016-2023)!

Trehel's Caring Team

In 2021 Trehel established our Caring Team to support our team members, their families, and the communities we serve. The team is comprised of representatives from both our office and field staff.

The purpose of Trehel's Caring Team is to honor God by caring for people.

The goal of the Caring Team is to identify and meet the needs of our fellow team members, their families, and people across our community. We want to share the love of Christ by fully embodying our values and actively ensuring that those individuals' physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met.