Creating a Place to Dwell

Trehel Corporation’s multi-family construction team builds residences that feel like home. We collaborate with architects, designers, and associates to create communities that are creative, personable and accessible, and yet risk-adjusted on behalf of institutional and private equity partners.

Our multi-family project team listens carefully to your defined needs and keeps them in focus for the entire project. Our portfolio includes high-rise, mid-rise, student, senior, affordable, moderate, and luxury properties that meets your specialized requirements and delights future residents.

With more than 40 years of multi-family construction experience, Trehel has established a reputation for high-quality, well-designed residences, all completed at or under pre-established budgets. From initial site planning to turnover, our seasoned project managers guide you through each project phase.

Our focus is always on your needs and vision through institutional or private equity partnerships. No matter what you’re building, Trehel’s qualified multi-family construction approach is committed to controlling your risk and adhering to your budget and timeline. Our goal is to deliver a master-planned community like no other.


Building for the Next Generation

Based in Greenville, SC, currently one of the healthiest markets for multi-family growth, Trehel has built a reputation as a premier builder in South Carolina and parts of Georgia and North Carolina. Within multi-family construction, Trehel lives by the words of Walt Disney: “Think beyond your lifetime if you want to accomplish something truly worthwhile.”

Performance-Driven with an Owner’s Mentality

Trehel understands your requirements for cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and controlled risk. And with our Design-Build approach, we’ll give you exactly that. As a single-source provider, we remove your risk, solicit competitive bids, and involve you in every step of the selection process.

What is the Better Building Process?

It’s a unique delivery method that combines discernment, design, and delivery for exceptional results.

Project Collaboration

At Trehel, we adhere to a collaborative team approach. The ideal partnership is transparent to all and built on trust, humility, and a healthy appreciation and respect of each person’s roles and responsibilities.


Early in the preconstruction phase, Trehel will offer creative solutions for site work, mechanical systems, electrical solutions, and building materials to guide our clients in deciding how best to allocate funds within their budget.


Our project teams have more than a 40-year track record of completing successful, cost-effective, quality projects for our clients. In addition, we are very adept at working with architects, engineering consultants, and subcontractors, with the client's input, to achieve your project's overall vision.


In addition to our TQM process during construction, Trehel provides a TrehelCare Customer Service Representative dedicated to following up on any warranty items after completion. Besides our ongoing customer service, on the first anniversary of completion, a visual site inspection is provided to address any issues that may have arisen.

Multi-Family Projects

View portfolio of select Trehel projects.
Partial Multi-Family Project List
  • 100 Prince, Mixed-Use Development
  • 4 Earle Street, Phase 2-3
  • Anderson University Student Housing
  • Benton House Independent Living Center
  • Bonclarken Adult Housing
  • Campden Sound
  • Clemson Centre Condos
  • College Parke Townhomes
  • Crawford Falls
  • Crawford Mills
  • Hart’s Cove
  • High Pointe (Multiple Phases and Projects)
  • Homewood Residence
  • Northlake Condos
  • Overlook on Lake Hartwell
  • Pineherst
  • Riggs Field House
  • Riverpoint II
  • Sunrise Pointe
  • Sunset at Valley Walk
  • The Bookends
  • The Flats
  • The Garden House
  • The Martin Inn at Clemson University
  • The Pier (Multiple Phases and Projects)
  • The Reverie on the Ashley
  • Tiger Park Condominiums
  • Tiger Walk
  • Tory Pointe
  • University Ridge
  • Valley Walk (Multiple Phases)
  • Wade Hampton Golf Club – Staff Housing
  • Waterman Apartments
  • Watermarke Luxury Condominiums
  • Wofford College Student Village
  • Wofford Student Housing (Multiple Phases and Projects)


Trehel has always had a great reputation, they were local to us and well known for problem solving. We had been looking for an opportunity to use them when we came across our project in Athens GA.

Actually, we brought them in late to the process. We were working with other contractors and struggled to hit our budget needs. As such, we summoned Trehel’s help to get the project design back within our budget. Trehel played a critical role with recommendations that would allow us to meet our budget goals and without compromising the overall project.

EJ Mondor,
Homes Urban, 100 Prince Mixed-Use Development

Being open and honest without concern of reprisal or reprimand is the most productive means of managing projects. It is much better to have everyone involved working on any issues that do come up. With Trehel, I feel like I always get the most qualified and professional site superintendents, project managers, and estimators on my projects. There is no question that we are all on the same team with the same goals.
Richard Hubble
The Cliffs

We had a great working relationship with Trehel – everyone on the team was honest and up front re: everything and explained the process in detail. It was nice to walk through the details during the entire building experience (i.e. they held our hand throughout the entire process).
Scott Brand

They took the time necessary to answer questions, explain “the process” over and above my expectations such that I felt totally comfortable with what were about to undertake… we had built multiple residential homes, but never any commercial construction… the education, explanation, and clarity provided by Trehel made our choice a no brainer.
Scott Mason
Clemson Creative Academy

As a Chef and Kitchen designer I have worked with numerous contractors. Trehel was by far the most experienced in my 43 years in the industry. They listened to my concerns and worked with me day by day through challenges. It was an absolute delight to work with the Trehel project team. Total professionals and always looking out for the “owners’ and what they needed.
Alan Scheidhauer
Truist Culinary &
Hospitality Innovation Center

Trehel has always had a great reputation, they were local to us and well known for problem solving.  We had been looking for an opportunity to use them when we came across our project in Athens GA.

Actually, we brought them in late to the process.  We were working with other contractors and struggled to hit our budget needs.  As such, we summoned Trehel’s help to get the project design back within our budget.  Trehel played a critical role with recommendations that would allow us to meet our budget goals and without compromising the overall project.
EJ Mondor
Homes Urban,
100 Prince Mixed-use Development

I worked primarily with Greg Blinston, VP and Senior Project Manager and I can confidently say that his effort made this experience better than I thought was possible. I always felt he was working for me and we were working as a team to complete this project. There was very clear understanding of what the budget included and the timeline of how the project should go was very different from every other contractor I had worked with and a distinction from other contractors.

It is hard to imagine that I could be any happier with the experience with Trehel.  If I ever have another building project, I know Trehel is where I will go and would recommend anyone to use Trehel.
Dr. Patrick Card, MD
Hopewell Dentistry

We had a fourteen-million-dollar renovation project, and we had to trust that Trehel would complete it before the deadline, only five months away. There was no room for error. And Trehel delivered. We couldn’t ask for a better building partner. They truly walk the talk.
Craig Brown
President and Owner
of the Greenville Drive

They definitely asked the right questions and were able to understand and articulate that into a plan that worked for us. They came within the exact penny they said they would. So, if you really map it out, I will say that they met the expectations of quality, price, and timing, but they exceeded expectations for how much we enjoy our building.
Jim Wanner
CEO, Keymark

Every single project that Trehel has completed for the SDOC has been on time and on/below budget. The projects have also been completed just as they were designed with quality work and craftsmanship. No project is done anywhere without day-to-day construction issues that arise. When those have occurred on our projects, Trehel has been quick to resolve the problems and make sure that we are satisfied with the results. Their project managers and superintendents are up front and act with care and integrity.
Dr. Michael Thorsland
Superintendent, School District
of Oconee County

I highly recommend Trehel Corporation as a General Contractor. I have personally worked on a number of construction projects and would say that Trehel Corporation and all their employees have been a true pleasure to work with. If in the future we would want to build again, Trehel Corporation would be the first company I would contact. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss my experience working with Trehel Corporation.
Mark Jordan
Director of Facilities,
Advent United Methodist Church

It is difficult to explain in words the appreciation I have for the entire team at Trehel.

Our journey together began approximately 2 years ago with the complete renovation of the casual dining space in our Clubhouse. This would be the first of several projects we entrusted to Trehel at Wade Hampton Golf Club. Our projects culminated with the construction of our new employee housing building.

The membership is pleased with all the work and early responses I have heard indicate we have exceeded their expectations. I can say with confidence that Trehel will be my first choice of contractors when we take on future projects.
John Foster, CCM
General Manager/CEO,
Wade Hampton Golf Club

Trehel has been a responsible, trustworthy partner to Blue Ridge Electric for many years. We set high standards, and Trehel has always met or exceeded our expectations on every project. Trehel has also been a good community partner, which as a community-focused organization ourselves, means a lot.
Zachary Hinton
Blue Ridge Electric