What is Preconstruction

May 27, 2023

Imagine standing in front of a beautiful building, whether it’s an expansive school facility or a quaint church, and marveling at the impressive structure before you. Have you ever stopped to consider the intricate planning and preparation that went into creating such a masterpiece? This is where the preconstruction process comes in. It is the vital first step in any building project, setting the tone for what is to come and ensuring the reliability of the entire construction process. Join Trehel as we delve into the preconstruction process and emphasize its crucial role in successfully completing any construction project.


What is Preconstruction?

Preconstruction refers to the initial phase of a construction project before any actual physical construction work begins. This phase encompasses a wide range of activities and tasks that are essential for ensuring the project’s success. The preconstruction phase is critical for establishing the overall direction and scope of the project, as well as for identifying potential challenges and risks that may arise during the construction process.

During this phase, our Trehel team will listen, collaborate, and provide guidance to ensure the client’s vision for the project is completed. It involves meticulous planning, conducting feasibility studies, preparing project briefs, delegating tasks, and evaluating project design.


The Advantages of Preconstruction for Your Project

Are you looking to ensure a successful construction project? Then Trehel’s preconstruction services are an absolute must! Here are just a few of the incredible benefits it offers:

Improved project success rates

When the preconstruction phase is conducted well, the project is set up for success. Therefore, the preconstruction phase is considered the most important, since, without its proper execution, the whole project will be affected.

Ensures that expectations are met

The preconstruction phase establishes timelines and cost estimates to be met. With a set timeline, work is divided into achievable milestones, and every team member is accountable. During preconstruction, the cost of labor and materials are discussed in detail to ensure they stay within the budget.

Improved foresight into potential risks

When preconstruction planning is conducted, early warning signs are easily identified. This allows for early mitigation of any potential construction issues that would have rendered the whole project impossible to complete.


What is Included in the Preconstruction Process?

The following activities are included in the preconstruction process:

  • Understanding client needs

The focus of this process is to review and document the client’s requirements. The key project stakeholders ensure that they fully understand client requirements.

  • Defining project scope

This will include establishing the scope of the project. The critical aspects identified in this phase are limitations, size, objectives, and project definition.

  • Establishing project timelines

A construction project is a big undertaking that requires proper scheduling. The construction team works together to schedule the phases of the project. During preconstruction, all the project tasks are broken down into manageable milestones to ensure they are completed without delays.

  • Estimation of project cost

Project cost is vital during the project planning phase as it sets the tone for the rest of the project. Some items included in the construction budget estimation are materials, labor, equipment purchases, and transport costs. Our Trehel team may use several strategies to estimate the budgets, such as referencing past projects and receiving quotes from suppliers.

  • Eliminating any potential construction risks 

When the feasibility of a project is challenged, Trehel will propose solutions that allow the project to be completed on time and within budget.


What Happens During a Preconstruction Meeting?

A preconstruction meeting is the foundation of a construction project. Depending on the client’s needs, these meetings can span several days or weeks. During the meeting, a chain of communication and the project team is established. In the meeting, project owners and Trehel critically analyze every detail to develop a cost-effective plan to save resources. The key stakeholders will review the project drawing and blueprints, safety plans, permits, and work schedules. This also allows all parties involved to voice their concerns or suggest any changes to be made before the construction phase begins.


Preconstruction Planning Leads to Post-Construction Success

Trehel is the leading company that offers preconstruction services in Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina. Our experienced team takes pride in conducting a risk analysis, CPM scheduling, material selection, budget estimation, and bid packaging for our clients to ensure a smooth transition during project construction.


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