Spiritual Renewal: Greenville ARP Enhances Facilities

February 3, 2021

Greenville ARP Church has been serving the Greenville community and its members for more than 100 years. The church was first established in 1914 by a small group of dedicated individuals and later relocated to the current Cleveland street location in 1960 as the membership grew over the years. Every worship facility has a life-cycle, and eventually, there comes a time when renovations and code upgrades are required to serve the needs of church members and enhance the worship experience.

Our Trehel project team is nearing completion of approximately 40,000 square feet of renovations and additions. This multi-phased project was constructed while sections of the building remain occupied. Trehel and Greenville ARP’s leadership collaborated to ensure scheduled work would have minimum impact on the church staff and pre-school program’s daily functions.

The project featured multiple building additions and renovations to the existing 10,000 square-foot, 1960’s period, two-story education building consisting of enhancements and finish upgrades: including painting, new flooring, new ceilings, and light fixtures. The adjacent 7,500 square-foot gymnasium featured the installation of a fire suppression system and various upgrades, including painting of existing walls and repair of foundation leaks.

Additional facilities upgrades included:

  • Renovations of the existing fellowship hall featuring painting, new lighting, and flooring.
  • Sanctuary modifications featuring fire and security alarm system and renovated choir loft space.
  • The current staff office areas were completely renovated to allow for more efficient space and the addition of new men’s and women’s restroom facilities. These renovations include new glazing, additional toilet fixtures, painting, new ceilings, light fixtures, and new flooring.
  • The lower-level renovated nursery area created extra classroom space and included new flooring, painting, new ceilings, and light fixtures.
  • The HVAC systems were analyzed and upgraded in all areas to allow for more efficiency.
  • With the renovations, accessibility improvements were made, including ramps and elevators to create overall connectivity between floors and outside entry points into the building.

New Additions

A new 5,200 square-foot, multi-level connector building, is being constructed between the existing 1960 worship facility and education building. This new structure will provide additional classroom space for both church functions and pre-school use, expanded storage, and a choir rehearsal area. The installation of the new elevator will allow access to all floors of the new and existing facilities. This facility will also provide an accessible entry point and drop-off for the church’s pre-school program. A new children’s playground includes new equipment, sidewalks, and an artificial turf activity area outside the new addition.

The work scope also included a new covered front entrance and 1,100 square-foot gathering space created beside the existing fellowship hall. This new addition will allow for overflow space exiting the fellowship hall. The structure features include high ceilings, new decorative lighting, a decorative covered entry, and an expanded Narthex.

Equip Studios provided architectural design services for the project and our Trehel construction project team consisted of Bryan Yoder, Senior Project Manager, and Rolando Rivera, serving as Project Superintendent.